Professional Electric Hair Clipper Rechargeable USB Type-C Red – MR-1095

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1. Rated voltage/frequency: 220V 2. Actual power: 5W 3. Product specification and material: ABS 4. Battery capacity: 600mA lithium battery, use time ≥1.5h 5. Motor specification and material: FF-280PE(DC3.7V) all copper motor 6. Power cable length and color: Black 1M Type-C USB cable 7. Power cord specification and material: 24#AWG, copper wire plus PVC 8. Is it equipped with a charger: No 9. Product color: Red 10. Plug: None 11. Accessories: 1* black lid oil bottle,1* cleaning brush, 3 limited comb rows (1/2/3MM),1* mouthguard

Product Code : MR-1095

Box Qty : 60

SL No : 4022136